• Estruturas Associadas
  • 2013-2014

    Dinis Machado

    Artista associado da ZDB,  criou e apresentou, especificamente, em colaboração com o NEGÓCIO: Black Cats Can See In The Dark But Are Not Seen – Julho_2013, Out in Space (Experiences on Autonomy) – Maio_2013, Dinis Machado by Dinis Machado (Premiere) – Sept_2011, Parole, Parole, Parole…(Premiere)- November_2009.
    “Dinis Machado is interested in the ability of the body to experience a sense of space even without visual input. In his solo piece Out in Space (experiences on autonomy) Machado is wearing a blindfold when he meets each spectator (only one at a time) to lead them into the room. As in his longer work Tenderness it is as if he, with his whole body, is trying to create another room, independently of the actual room we find ourselves in here and now. A room just as imaginary as it is tangible for him behind the blindfold, or when he takes it off keeping his eyes closed.”

    Have born in Porto, lived in Lisboa, and is currently based in Stockholm where he is studying at the second year of Doch Master in Coreography MAKOR100003 directed by Jefta Van Dinther and Frederic Gies.

    Works as director since 2006, when he created the structure the represents him – Corp.

    Created the shows ‘Only You. Um espectaculo so para si. Um artista ao seu dispor.’, ‘Dramaturgia’, ‘Parole, Parole, Parole’, ‘Super Nada’, ‘Natureza Morta’, ‘Dinis Machado por Dinis Machado’ in colaboration and presented in contexts as Festival de Danza Contemporanea de Uruguai, Festival Escritas Na Paisagem, Festival Temps D’images, Festival Da Fabrica, Quarta Parede, ZDB/Negocio, NEC, Edificio (O Rumo do Fumo/Forum Danca), among others.

    Worked as performer, among others, with Miguel Pereira, Trischa Brown Dance Companie, Rogerio Nuno Costa, Miguel Loureiro, Andre e. Teodosio, Catia Leitao, Isabel Barros, at structures like O Rumo do Fumo, Cao Solteiro, Fundacao de Serralves, Teatro Nacional S. Joao, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II and Balleteatro Companhia.

    Signed the set and light design of the play ‘Melodrama’ by Rui Catalao, ‘OP 49’ by Miguel Pereira and of all his own performances.

    Studied Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts at schools as Maumaus.Escola de Artes Visuais (Independent Study Program), Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (BA Theatre – Actors), Balleteatro (Contemporary and Classical Dance level 7), Academia Contemporanea do Espectaculo (Professional Education Actor). During his education had contact with, among others, Olga Mesa, Francisco Camacho, Vera Mantero and Teatro Praga.

    Participated at Mugatxoan 2008 residency program (Serralves/Arteleku) coordinated by Blanca Calvo e Ian Monduate and coached by Alice Chauchat, Eric Duyckaerts, Massimo Furlan and Juan Dominguez.

    Was invited by Vera Mantero to participate at Rumo do Fumo 2011 meetings. Have been Miguel Pereiras assistant in 2011/12, with whom collaborate for the plays ‘O Meu Nome e Georgeanne’ e ‘Opus 49’.

    Dinis Machado is an associated artist from ZDB/Negócio in 2013/14